Poster Session of CTTE (Council of Technology Teacher Education), The 69th Annual Conference of International Technology Education Association, San Antonio, TX, (2007.3.15-17)

Development of e-learning system for Technology Teacher Education
 -In Case of Hyogo University of Teacher Education in Japan-

Jun Moriyama, Kazuhiro Sumi, Toshikazu Yamamoto, Akihito Kito, Yoichi Miyagawa,
 Toshiki Mamiya, Yasushi Ichihara, Masashi Matsuura, Phillip Cardon


The purpose of this study is to show the examples how to adapt an e-learning system in technology teacher education in case of Japan. We prepared the e-learning system that has four kinds of components: Video conference server, Video streaming server, Resource contents server, and Learning management system. We tried five kinds of learning activities in the seven lectures by using this system as follows. Activity 1 : Supporting FtF lecture, Activity 2 : Online Collaborative lecture, Activity 3 : Distance VOD lecture, Activity 4 : Online study of instruction, Activity 5 : Online teaching to Jr.high School. From the comments that we gained from students who took part in these activities, it was suggested that interactive and self-regulated learning with well-structured contents were very important for designing activities, which used e-learning system.

Key Words: Technology Teacher Education, E-leaning, Learning Management System, Japan