Proceedings of The 4th International Conference of Technology Education - Asia Pacific Ocean Region, Hong Kong, China,pp.348-353 (2006)

The Structure of Students' Self-concepts in Industrial High School



 The purpose of this study is to analyze the structure of industrial high school students' self-concepts. The survey was conducted on 1040 industrial high school students in Japan. A factor analysis was carried out, and five factors were identified: F1, attitude toward self-discipline; F2, attitude toward career development; F3, attitude toward professional skill development; F4, attitude toward social values; F5, attitude toward self-monitoring. Also, as results of ANOVA, there were significant differences among students of the three different grades for F1, F2, and F3. The mean scores for F1 and F2 became higher for older students, while the mean scores for F3 went down for older students.

[Keywords] Industrial High School, Students, Self-Concept