Proceedings of The 4th International Conference of Technology Education - Asia Pacific Ocean Region, Hong Kong, ChinaCpp.145-152 (2006)

Effects of Students' Interactions through the Learning Support System
on Problem-Solving in Computer Programming



@The purpose of this study is to make clear the effects of students' interactions through the learning support system on contriving computer program in gInformation and Computerh of Technology Education. The learning support system, named gProblem-solver Searching Systemh (PSS System), was developed to enable students to search for other students who have tackled a particular programming problem in class. Using this search system, students can seek advice from other students for solving problems at hand. As the results of system evaluation, the PSS system could improve the quality of studentsf problem solving. Especially, the system promoted skill acquisitions in lower students. Also, the PSS system was useful for confirming progress of other students' work in classroom.

mKeywordsn@"Information and Computer", Learning Support System, Programming, Interaction