Proceedings of The 4th International Conference of Technology Education - Asia Pacific Ocean Region, Hong Kong, China,pp.360-365 (2006)

Effects of Students’ Cognitive Style on Abilities for Drawing in Technology Education
- Focusing on the field dependence vs. the field independence -

Jun MORIYAMA, Yoshinobu MIURA, Masashi MATSUURA,


 The purpose of this study is to make clear the effects of students’ cognitive style on abilities for drawing in technology education. EFT was conducted on the 7th graders (n=245), and each 61 students were identified as the field dependence and field independence. Results of the Solid Drawing Test in field independence group were higher than that in field dependence group. Also, it was indicated that the cognitive process for changing view angle had an important role to enable to success the solid drawing in field dependence group. These results might be useful for supporting students who stumble in learning of drawing in technology education.

[Keywords] Technology Education, Drawing Ability, Drafting, Cognitive Style, FDI