Mississippi Valley Technology Teacher Education 90th Conference, Nashville, Tennessee, US(2003.11) 

The influence of Technology Standards in the USA on Technology Education in Japan

Kazuhiro SUMI & Jun MORIYAMA


     In this study, the educational materials for a class in technology based on the Standards for Technological Literacy (STL) in the U.S.A was implemented in a technology class in Japan. The purpose of this experiment was to determine if a class based on the STL was appropriate for students in Japan.
    The results showed that 11, seventh grade Japanese technology teachers in Nagano Prefecture believed STL based activities were most appropriate for an information society and the integration with other subjects was also a strength. However, the different frameworks between the two countries and the number of school hours available for technology education in Japan were viewed as problems by the teachers. 

Keywords: Technology Education, Standards for Technological Literacy, USA, Japan, Curriculum Development