Proceedings of The 10th International Education and Resource Network Annual Conference, pp.159-162(2003), Awaji, Hyogo, Japan


Developments of Web Resources for Teaching "Information and Computer" 
in Technology Education



   In this study, web resources for teaching "Information and Computer" in Technology Education were developed. These resources were developed from 1999 to 2003 in the "Seminar of Teaching materials for Technology Education " of the graduate schools of Shinshu University and Hyogo University of Teacher Education. The contents of the web resources were gUnderstanding of Computer Systemsh, hUnderstanding of Network Systemsh and gUnderstanding of Information Ethicsh. The results of the evaluations indicated that the level control and learning support of these resources were adequate for junior high school students. Also, it was suggested that virtual experience could promote studentsf interests, and that animation technology made a strong visual impression. Furthermore, it was suggested that web resources that applied Java Script gave a strong interactive impression. These resources are available on 

Keywords: Web resources, "Information and Computer", Technology Education