The 62nd Annual Conference, International Technology Education Association (ITEA)
Salt Lake City, UT, U.S.A. April 7,2000

A Critical View of Information Technology Education in Japan

Kazuhiro SUMI & Jun MORIYAMA


    The objective of Fundamentals of Information at the lower secondary schooling level in Japan from 1993 to 2001 was to make students understand the role and function of the computer, and to enhance the ability to utilize and process information adequately. The purpose of this study was to make clear the issues and the perspectives of Information Technology Education in Japan through the survey of the present state of learning experiences, images, and consciousness of students who learned Fundamentals of Information in the current curriculum.
    From the results of a survey, it is suggested that students' images of the word "information" were similar to images of the word "computer". Students also saw more of the social implications resulting from the computer than the computer as a tool to ease the work of people. Still more, Technology Teachers thought that basic operation of computer, word processing, and keyboard skills were important as learning contents for Fundamentals of Information.One of the issues in Japan is how to make each school level curriculum as consistent and systematic Information Education.
    The new curriculum construction for Information Education in each level of schooling was reported by National Curriculum Council , government of Japan (MESSC 1998). We discussed the future perspectives of Information Education from 2002.

Keywords: Information Technology Education, Issues and perspective, Curriculum Construction, Japan