Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics,pp.9-18, Taipei, Taiwan, (2007.12)

Development of the Web resources for Interactive Lessons in Geometry
- Based on the mathematics standards in Iran-

Maryam Benhoodi・Jun Moriyama


The purpose of this paper is to develop an interactive web resource with a Geometry focus for the mathematics curriculum. Based on the result of our previous surveys (Behnoodi, M., & Moriyama, J., ATCM 2006) we organized the web resource into eight categories. A) lesson planning, B) dynamic and interactive activities, C) printable worksheets, D) detailed explanations of geometrical concepts, E) challenging geometry problems for advanced students, F) projects and presentations, G) questions and answers, and H) how to use the web resource and math software. With this web resource it is expected that the teachers access virtual sections by printing or using simulations and active functions and students participate in challenging geometry problems. The degree of difficulty of the accessed questions as well as students' progress at the end of each lesson can be checked by both teachers and students. Moreover, teachers and students can make new simulations by themselves after they read our guide manual for software used in the web resource.

Keywords: Geometry Education, Multimedia, Web resources